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Hello my name is Shreyas Shukla and I study in Singapore American International School. Immigration is a largely debated topic, at least 244 people migrated in 2015 just alone. Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. A global issue is an issue that affects the majority of the population and its a crisis that must be solved and it could escalate and cause a much bigger dilemma. When I chose to research immigration I had to specify and narrow down the broadness of immigration. So I chose to focus on the US and Mexico border situation and how the immigrants on both sides would be affected. While I researched this topic I was able to connect this crisis to others like the Indian - Pakistani and Brexit crisis. Immigration is a global issue, not just because it affects almost every single person. Rather huge major immigration crises have risen to aggravate the idea of immigration being a global issue. The US - Mexico border wall situation, the Pakistani - Indian conflict and Brexit is evidence nonetheless. 


Conflict: a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. But conflict is so much more than an argument. When we talk about a conflict regarding immigration, it's the tension of potentially allowing something much worse to happen. People's lives are at stake, jobs and the future. Conflict in a global issue means so much more, it's no longer a "conflict", it's an epidemic.


 You've definitely heard about Trump vision to create the border wall. When you look at a global issue, you have to notice the different perspectives in order to fully identify the problem. When I researched this issue there were 4 main perspectives that were being portrayed the most. Mexico, American citizens, Rest of the world and Trump. A lot of people neglect that when an issue arises in one part of the world it doesn't affect us. This isn't true because talking about this hypothetically, if the wall was built it really shows that the US wants to divide its self from other nations. And yes the wall strives to solve to"...end their own drug trade, end illegal immigration". But if you think about it, it's also to promote nationalism. Nationalism is a political ideology where it allows countries too but themselves before others. Trump whole political ideology is nationalism, I'm sure you're familiar with the MAGA hats. Everything he does is for America. Meeting with Kim Jong Un, to protect American citizens, building a wall so that you can allow more jobs for American citizens. The immigration crisis is happening because due to this period of nationalism. As this scale, it can be very dangerous because this how wars start. Nationalism is one of the major reason why world war 2 start, this obsession of promoting and fighting for your country enables warlike traits in society. And this spread on other countries such as the UK and India. Nationalism and immigration are on opposite sides of the scale, "there like the antonyms of each other". Because one allows diversity and the other allows patriotism. 


As mentioned before, I was able to connect it to Brexit and the Indian Pakistani crisis. Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016. This global issue even though it may seem like one, Brexit is dividing itself from the EU and many people will have to leave (who are immigrants). This is now conflict because this will impact a lot of people, 14% to be exact (9.2 million). This Brexit crisis is very similar to the US and Mexico border wall conflict. This is because immigrants could massively be affected and both conflicts revolve around nationalism. Brexit is an act for nationalism just like in the US. The reason why the UK wants to leave the EU is that they want more jobs for themselves, they want their own culture and they like their own country. They don't like all these immigrants taking up their country and using their resources. This is nationalism, they want to leave because the people over there are so nationalistic, which isn't a bad thing. I might have portrayed nationalism to be harmful, which it isn't but it's used in an excessive amount it can lead to conflicts. Like Brexit and the US-Mexico conflict. On February 26, 2019, India bombed Pakistan due to a suicide bombing in Kashmir. There was always a tension between the 2 countries but it really escalated. India had a lot of options, they could've nothing, they could've talked to Pakistan but they chose to retaliate. But actually, this was an act of nationalism because at this time Modi the prime minister is campaigning to be prime minister again. To show that he can be a strong leader and to show that he'd be a great leader, he chose to bomb Pakistan.


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